Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gearing Up For An Excellent Dinner... But Where Are You?

Let's pretend you've never heard of our Monthly Dinner Series before. Let's pretend you haven't read all the previous blog posts showing how great they've been. Let's pretend you're a babe in the woods, looking at us wide-eyed and asking "Like the Spice, what do you mean by 'artist's dinner'?" Just what are we going to say?

Well, Virgina, the artist's dinner isn't just about a fantastic meal served right here in the gallery. It's more about the magical state of mind that happens when you, and our friends, and a whole bunch of artists appear to laugh their way through a multi-course meal, telling stories and talking about their art. And you know what? When Saturday, March 20th rolls around, The Worlds We Ate will be no different.

You see, not only will you be getting an amazing meal, served up right in the center of the gallery, you'll also get to enjoy talking with seven different artists about their drawings and sculpture. That's right, ALL the artists behind our current show, The World We Live In, The Worlds We Create will be joining us to discuss their ideas, inspirations, inventions, and imagery. That's right, all i's will be on us come Saturday, March 20th!

All kidding aside, this dinner is shaping up to be something wonderful, and it's a dinner you don't want to miss. So reserve your place today! Remember, spaces are limited, and we don't want to have to be missing you all night long. RSVP now!

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