Sunday, March 14, 2010

We Created A Pretty Good Time In This Here World

In fact, we had so much fun, we broke the camera!

This is the very last picture our sweet little device managed before it conked out and we had to switch to iPhones and what have you for the rest of the night. But c'mon, look how much fun everyone is having! That's because it was a non-stop party atmosphere during our Friday night opening extravaganza for The World We Live In, The Worlds We Create. Here artist Brian LaRossa says Cheers!

It's been a while since we had a group show, so it was quite the thrill to have so many wonderful artists scurrying about the gallery. Plus, seriously, can you believe how great all of this sculpture is? If you haven't already, head to the sneak preview page and get a sneak preview. Just don't think we're showing you everything. We have to keep a few surprises to make you come and visit!

It's been nearly a year since LtS made room for sculpture, so we're very pleased to be showcasing it again. From Diana Puntar's beautiful Lived Live Evil Devil (you can't miss it, it's hanging from the ceiling in almost every single shot) to the incredibly delicate porcelain from Jessica Stoller (pictured below), this show has already started captivating our guests, both new and old.

And that's not the half of it. We're also boasting the complex geometry of R. Justin Stewart, the eye-catching marvels of Langdon Graves, the battery-operated animals of Misako Inaoka, the brilliantly exciting peephole of Patrick Jacobs, and the fascinating map-based creations of Matthew Northridge. Honestly, it's such a joy to come to work! But this show isn't just about wowing the staff. The World We Live In, The Worlds We Create has been a hit with all our visitors, including many other terrific Like the Spice artists. Below's a shot from when we bumped into Rachel Beach and Ross Racine and some guy in the middle we don't have a link for. But you know what? We like him anyway. And see how they're all smiling? That's what visiting The World We Live In, The Worlds We Create can do for YOU!

The World We Live In, The Worlds We Create is open from this very second until April 4th. Come and create your own little piece of it.

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