Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cracking the case of the mysteriously missing salmon

We had another installment of our monthly dinner series last night, and this one was a peach-sangria dream. I'm still recovering, and I wasn't even at the table till halfway through. What the lovely people who spent the evening in Like the Spice didn't know is that we had caterer chaos the morning, and our usual providers turned prima-donna, leaving us stranded... Salmon-less.

At the very last minute, Curiouso Pizzeria & Ristorante came the rescue with a seriously scrumptious spread of tiny meatballs and crisp salad, decadant eggplant rollatini and lemony chicken. If you haven't been to this awesome new local spot you need to plan a Saturday around it. Not only do they make DELICIOUS pizza and pasta (I'm eating a seafood linguini from them right now and I swear to god it's the only thing helping me survive my sangria hangover) they're run by the nicest guys we could hope to have as neighbors. Also, their website rocks hardcore. We sent them a video of us dancing to the funky background music. I think we should throw a Curioso/Like the Spice block party later in the summer, don't you?

So, we shared pitchers of homemade peach and white wine sangria and had, actually, one of the most stimulating and intense conversations ever to grace our table. With a mix of arts professionals, collectors and artists, we were amazed at the range of ideas and opinions that everyone the wine and camaraderie helped bring out. The matter of the Art Assistant's role in the art world isn't a simple one, and the conversation and debate carried on well past 10pm.

Off the Clock: The Artist Assistant Show is up until September, so make sure you stop in to see it! Remember, for the rest of the summer we're open Wed-Sun 12-7 (And Mondays by appointment). See you soon!

I need a vitamin water.

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