Sunday, July 19, 2009

Clearly, We're The Very Latest Thing

How do we know? Because all sorts of people are talking about us! Our current show, Off The Clock, is a celebration of the artist's assistant. And we're happy that people have noticed!

First, out of no particular order, there's The Amateur Art Collector. They said that it was "a really smart idea" and that we were "up-and-coming"! Up-and-coming! We're almost three years old, so that makes us feel young again.

Next there were the nice, tiny capital letters of Karen at Wasting Time. Karen clearly has some stories of her own about assisting artists. If you visit her blog, maybe she'll even share them with you!

And, finally, there's our friends at L Magazine, who gave us a little shout out as a nice place to visit on a Friday night. Thanks, L Magazine. We think you're a nice place to read every day!

If you were on the fence, let our good press persuade you. Come in and see Off The Clock right now! And don't forget to make reservations for Assisted Dining on July 24th. All you'll have to do is finish!

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