Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Off The Clock" Opening!

The humidity and rain didn't stop the crowds, oh no, not from coming out to the gallery and taking part in some fine company, beautiful works, and good drinks. The opening of "Off the Clock: The Artist's Assistant Show" showcased works by Rachel Beach, Jason Bryant, Allison Edge, Charlie Ledbetter, Jenny Morgan, David Mramor, and Reuben Negron, all of which are or have worked as assistants to other artists.

A special thanks to The L Magazine and Animal New York for giving us some love on their websites, as well as the Amateur Art Collector and House of Aragon. No doubt the buzz from these sites helped out the show and added to those in attendance. If you're looking for some opinions on the show check out their sites and see for yourself. Now, though many attended, there was no contest for the most stylish; she rolled up complete with the best attire, name-brand shades, a fly set of wheels, and a diaper. The onlookers were wooed like you wouldn't believe.

The gallery was constantly packed with people taking in and discussing the works with the artists and others. Alongside of the pieces, and adding insight into the artist/assistant relationship, were comments about the displayed works from those that the artists had assisted.

We ended up staying open a good bit past the expected closing time; having to shoo the reluctant art lovers to the after party celebration which ended up stretching even further into the night. Good people and fine art, the night could not have gone better. Now, don't you worry, if you were kept away from the opening for whatever reason the show will remain up until September 5th so there is plenty of time to come by and check it out.

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