Saturday, February 7, 2009

Top Five Reasons You Love Like the Spice

So, we've always known that Like the Spice is unusually awesome, but lately life has been pushing REAL hard to get the message across. Our First Friday New Artist Auction was a resounding success. Jenny Morgan spoke (that's her above, in a classic example of life-imitating-art), art was bid upon, and what with one thing and another it seemed like the time was ripe for us to put together a list of the top five reasons you LOVE Like the Spice.

On we go!

Reason #5: Our Fans Are Hot

I mean, look at them. Just look. Colette Robbins, Jenny Morgan... the hotness is undeniable. And as if that wasn't enough, almost every single person in this photograph is ridiculously good at making art. Look in the mirror. Are you Hot? Look around your studio. Do you make ridiculously good art? If you answered yes to both of these questions, congrats! You're probably a fan of Like the Spice.

Reason #4: You Are Related to Us in Six Degrees or Less

We are reminded constantly here that the art world is small. Showing here means coming to your own opening and realizing that your piece is installed next to a painting by your ex-boyfriend from college, and that your personal assistant is roommates with the girl serving wine behind the bar. It's like this crazy social vortex of AWESOME.
(By the way, Like the Spice shows work by Jason Bryant, who works for Kehinde Wiley, who's done a portrait of Ice-T who lent his voice to "The Magic 7" alongside KEVIN BACON.)

Reason #3: The Internet Loves Us

Did we tell you that we've been featured in FOUR different blogs/articles in like two days? Yeah. Domestic Attempts, ARTMostFierce, ArtNews, and HeartsArena have all joined LTS's fan base. 'Cause we're cool.

Reason #2: Our Interns are Hot

These are more than just the smiling enablers of your drinking habit. They're also the finely tuned team that aligns the wheels and shines the sleek body of Like the Spice. You know, like those whaddoyoucallem maintenence teams who run alongside race-cars? In jumpsuits? Anyway. These are the souls that daily face the purgatorial cleaning of the storage closet. Who run to pick up the packages of others at the post-office armed with false identification information. Who dig in their heels to tightly hold the leash of Tabitha the Dog, saving the Chinese delivery guy from her slavering jaws and barely-concealed racism. Yes, without them, LTS would be a far sadder place.

And finally, Reason #1 that YOU LOVE LIKE THE SPICE:
The Party Never Stops, and You're Always Invited

If you haven't got anything to do on weekends, it SURE ISN'T OUR FAULT. Openings, closings, First Fridays, Exhibition Previews, Meetup Tours, Artist Talks, Dinners! We've always got something cooking - next Friday, for example. It's the opening of Dubai Underground, and we want to extend a very personal invitation to you as a guest of honor. All you supporters, friends, and artists who give so much are the reason that LTS keeps on rocking, and we're gonna keep making sure that your schedule is crammed with as much art and awesomeness as you can handle.

Lots of <3 (but screw Valentine's Day),



Chris Rywalt said...

I have only one reason why I love Like the Spice and it's Marisa. Although technically she's an herb, not a spice.

Sean Capone said...

You forgot the most important reason: #1. Marisa RULES and you should worship her!!