Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We've Only Just Begun: A Studio Visit With David Mramor

On a very snowy night David and I met at his studio for what turned out to be a splendid way to spend a blistery winters eve.

We started out with David's Bio: born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, David took to painting at a very young age going on to earn his BFA from Ohio University, studying under many great painters including Guy Goodwin . Upon entering grad school at SVA David began to experiment with installation, video and drawing, soon realizing that his true love was reveled in the excitement gained when he created paintings. He came upon a new method of collaging paint starting with the flat fast process of acrylic, adding oil directly out of the tube, bombing with spray paint, scratching with marker, and intuitively piling on gesso.

After graduating from SVA in 2008 with his MFA Mr. Mramor began to explore the negative space in his older pieces by using his emotional visual voice on top of photographic images from the natural landscape. Specifically using images of Yellowstone National Park, he used these images to make his negative space more purposeful and points out the illusion of memory created by the use of photography, "representing energy and expressionism".

David seeks to create an interruption, questioning the reality and truth of the paint versus the supposed reality of the photograph. What is "real" what is "illusion". David's colors are taken from the body, nature, and found artificial colors. David uses paint in a sculptural abstract and ambiguous way, lust and overindulgence restrained within the canvas.

Come and see two of David's paintings this Friday February 6th, 7-9 in our New Artist Auction, here at Like the Spice Gallery. 224 Roebling Street. Brooklyn, NY 11211
718.388.5388. or call or email to set up an appointment to see any of David's pieces.

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