Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Me Oh My Miami!

(Map of Scope, Like the Spice's booth is C06, commit that to memory!)

Get your sun tan lotion ready because Like the Spice Gallery will be heading down to Miami to exhibit at SCOPE November 29th-December 4th! Wont you join us? If you ask me, it certainly seems like a nice time to go down south and skip some of the snow and cold of early NY winter. Plus, we will certainly have some sizzling work that will help take the chill off once you get there... It is my pleasure to announce that Treasure Frey, Jessica Stoller, Jenny Morgan, Reuben Negron, Joseph Heidecker, Matt Stone, Allie Rex , Brain LaRossa, and Jason Bard Yarmosky will all have new works up in our booth at Scope, C06

Let us know if you're in Miami during Art Basel, we would love to see some familiar faces:)


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