Friday, October 21, 2011

Come have dinner with us and do NOT mess with Texas!

Well, hello brisk fall weather, what a pleasure it is to see you again! And yes, it is also nice to see all of you blog readers as well (sorry, the first statement was purely driven by my love of layers and sweaters, forgive me for putting you all second;). We have some great Like the Spice news to share; our current show, "Re/Deconstructing History" is open and is just gorgeous and everyone loves it, and also, Marisa and Dylan are LOVING it in Houston at the Texas Contemporary art fair. Check out Like the Spice's gorgeous booth:

S'nice, right? Is it just me, or do things in Texas seem bigger? Or maybe people are just smaller there? Hmmmm, we'll try to keep you posted on these important questions as well as what's happening at the show.

Haven't seen "Re/Deconstructing History" yet? Well then stop by anytime this weekend, or next week, or even better, come to the artist dinner for the show next Friday, October 28th at 8pm (RSVP required). The local artists from the show will be in attendance and we will be feasting on some delicious seasonal fare, you should probably join us. But seriously, the work of these five artists (Jessica Stoller, Joseph Heidecker, William Immer, Matthew Craven, and Eric Beltz) is really quite beautiful and certainly worth seeing in person. Plus, since Marisa is in Texas at the fair if you want to come by maybe we can throw a party or something...JUST KIDDING MARISA:)

Anyway folks, come on by to see "Re/Deconstructing History", the show is open until November 6th; don't even try using the 'it's Halloween and I don't have time to do anything but eat candy and make my costume' excuse, I ain't buying it this year...

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joy harris said...

So glad you came to Houston and glad you corrected me on my favorite "Williamsburg" Mexican restuarant. Sure do hope the show goes well for you. I also have an art blog: Check it out. I'll be sure to "favorite" yours. I included the Joseph Heidecker which I adored but knew my father would be befuddled by. He is my art "doppelganger." Cheers! joy