Saturday, October 15, 2011

Reconstructing Last Nights Opening!

Last night marked the opening of Re/Deconstructing History, a group show featuring the works of Jessica Stoller, Matthew Craven, Joseph Heidecker, Eric Beltz, and William P. Immer. In addition to our extravaganza, Williamsburg Every 2:ND Friday had their monthly event highlighting over 10 gallery openings (including ours!) Thanks to our amazing partners over at AT&T ‘Learn to Collect’, yesterday evening was extremely successful and will be remembered by many!

“The artists in Re/Deconstructing History reinvent techniques, materials, symbols, and representations from the past. Each work similarly challenges moments in world history, from the tumultuous history of the American continent to ancient myths and cultural traditions, and allows for a reassessment of historical ‘facts’.”

Featuring the alluring porcelain sculptures of Jessica Stoller, Joseph Heidecker’s innovative embellishments, William P. Immer’s hilarious take on Renaissance portraiture, Eric Beltz’s stunning graphite drawings, and the culturally influenced work of Matthew Craven, Re/Deconstructing History generated a responsive crowd that circulated throughout the gallery from 6:30-9pm. With great company and amazing drinks provided by Pernod (just ask those who tried the Green Beast!), the show had positive reviews and a remarkable turn out. For anyone that couldn’t join us last night, the show will be on display until November 6th!

Joining forces with Williamsburg Every 2:ND Friday, Like the Spice was one of many galleries that hosted openings and special events last night. Including an amazing guided art crawl led by New York Optimist Editor Stephan Fowlkes, yesterday evening can be chronicled as another magical installment of Williamsburg Every 2:ND Friday! Special thanks to our friends at the Art & Absolute Guide to Brooklyn and Wagmag for making last night great!

And now for an update on future events!:

Next week, Marisa will be in Houston for the Texas Contemporary Art Fair (October 20-23)! If you are in the area, we would love for you to visit us, so shoot over an email and we will get you a pass! If Houston isn’t in your foreseeable future, Olivia will be holding down the fort at Like the Spice during our regular hours!

In addition to the art fair, our monthly artist dinner is coming up on October 28th! If you would like to dine with some of the Re/Deconstructing artists, head over to and RSVP. Tickets cost $45 and will get you a bottomless glass of wine, a tasty dinner catered by one of NYC’s finest, and an evening filled with good times! Hope to see you soon!

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