Thursday, June 9, 2011

So many layers and flavors!

Our artist dinner with Jenny Morgan, "A Layered Menu," went spectacularly last Friday. It was a hot day that turned into a cool summer night and we were all able to enjoy it here at Like the Spice. With the white wine flowing and the wonderful workings of Gite catering, Jenny and guests happily chatted away about her recent and past projects before Marisa asked her to speak.

And then it was time for Jenny to take the stage; she spoke eloquently about her process and subjects and how deeply connected she has felt with all of them. She spoke about the building of a piece, the many many layers that go into making the skin of her subjects look warm enough to touch. The sanding process was also brought up, and how the building and layering are countered with destruction as she sands or uses turpentine to deliberately break down her beautifully rendered hands, faces, and hair. I think the best part was listening to the stories behind each piece; the individual canvases in the show each have their own personal history. It was a treat to be told each one!

In short, it was a lovely evening. Jenny's work was as breathtaking as always and the vibes around the room were nothing but positive. It was a great way to stay cool with the coolest people surrounded by the coolest art! Hope you can join us next time!

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