Saturday, June 18, 2011

Northside Festival Fun

Hey, fun-lovers!

This weekend is Brooklyn's very own Northside Festival. That means 96 hours of non-stop imbibing of music, art and cold beverages.

We will be open today and tomorrow for Northside Open Studios, Saturday and Sunday, June 18th and 19th, from noon until 7pm. Come on by!

If you need to re-up yourselves with more frosty beverages to beat this summer heat (or help you climb out of last night's hangover), we've got you covered. What's even better than a frosty beverage? That's right, sweets from The Starving Artist Bakery! I know that most of you don't believe me that sweets are better than frosty bronsons, but that is only because you have not yet tried first hand the tasty cakes, brownies, and pies by local bake-tress Neilie Meyer. I have it on excellent authority that Neilie's famous espresso truffle brownies will be making an appearance and those you will not want to miss. Join us for a brew and a sweet starting at 4pm tomorrow, June 19th!!

This is the last weekend of Jenny Morgan's wonderful, spectacular, amazing show, One and the Many, so on Sunday we will be having a closing party in honor of both the show and the Northside Festival. There will be more cold beverages, fun people and LIVE MUSIC!

Singer/songwriter Tim Pourbaix will be providing us with tunes to rock out to while we take in One and the Many for the last time (sob). He will be playing on Sunday, June 19th from 4pm -4.30pm and again from 6pm - 6.30pm, and the fun will continue until 7pm.

We hope you stop by and partake in our Northside festivities, but make sure that you see all that the festival has to offer!

And, just as a reminder - our Matt Stone show, Tectonics, will be opening on Friday, June 24 at 6.30pm - 9pm. We'd love it for you to come see that, too!

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