Saturday, March 19, 2011

Don't Miss the Upcoming Events at Like the Spice!

There are so many great things coming up here at Like the Spice Gallery, and you are NOT going to want to miss them!

Coming up April 8th through May 8th we have Eric LoPresti's solo show: "Different Country." In his newest body of work, Eric creates beautiful American landscapes in his oil paintings and graphite drawings with; they feature soft hues and color gradients that outline test sites, wastelands, and wide open spaces. "Maintaining his established focus on the physical and psychological aftermath of the Cold War, LoPresti renders landscapes bearing the scars of nuclear testing and subsequent environmental clean-up campaigns, especially those near where he grew up, in the desert steppe of eastern Washington state, near the Hanford plutonium production site." His third solo show here at Like the Spice, in "Different Country," Eric pairs spectral color gradients with dark linear elements suggesting a division of territory within each work.

Following Eric's show and (hopefully very few) April showers, May 13 through June 19th 2011 we are proud to present... wait for it... Jenny Morgan's second solo show here at Like the Spice: "One and the Many".

Jenny's figurative painting always has a way of reducing her figures and their viewers down to their spiritual core; by manipulating the oil paint Jenny strips her figures of their outer layers to reveal the inner depths of their person. This engages the viewer in a different way, giving them a closeup of the process as well as the subject. In these new works, Jenny's intense realism merges with surreal imagination, and "despite the traditional beauty of her oil paintings, Morgan actively contradicts simplistically pretty hyperrealism with gritty psychedelia."

And looking even further into the future.... we have sculptor Matt Stone's opening on June 24th, more about that to come so stay tuned!

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