Sunday, June 13, 2010

Out of New York part one, Swiss airports and rest-stops vs American airports and rest-stops

While the Like the Spice Crew worked hard to open Marked: A Show Of Figure this week, I started off on an European adventure. I arrived in Florence, Italy on the 8th and I will leave Germany on June 23. Follow this blog to read all about my art and not so art related adventures!

The first leg of my trip began at JFK. There is not much to say about airport based travel besides this: it leaves you delirious, jet lagged, and slightly prone to stereotyping. I also could not help but make comparisons between America, Switzerland, and Italy. So, I will leave you with one visual comparison below and get right to Italy and all of its splendor.

Beef Jerky

On the road in South Carolina, bound for Art Basel Miami Beach 2008



Zurich national airport 2010, bound for Art Basel 2010.

Interesting... very interesting...

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