Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Artists Keep Busy

And that's how we like it! Which is why we're never shy about telling you what else all of our wonderful Like the Spice artists are doing hither and yon. Especially yon. This time, we've heard from Jenny Morgan and Rachel Beach!

Rachel's first, but only because she'll have her opening TONIGHT, Wednesday, March 24th, at the Lower East Side Printshop as part of the group show out of the chaos and darkness…. Take a glance at the press:

Borrowing a phrase from Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man for the title, the exhibition showcases artworks that investigate the ever-changing concept of the American Experience and the American Dream. The artists in the exhibition use several printmaking mediums and a range of materials to address our complex connections to mythology, history, and society. Overall the exhibition conveys an overarching sense of transition and metamorphosis that characterizes our current place in the world.

out of the chaos and darkness… runs until May 9th.

Then there's the darling Jenny Morgan. She's showing off at BYU in Utah Anyway, the REAL news is that Jenny Morgan will be appearing in the group show Mirror, Mirror at Postmasters Gallery in Chelsea! It opens April 2nd.

Plus remember, Rachel's big opening reception is tonight from 6-8pm. Our Like the Spice artists just can't sit still, and they never stop putting out their really good work!

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