Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Y? Because We... Wait, We Made That Joke Last Time

At least we know you're reading! And if you're reading, you should be planning to come and see Colette Robbins & Dean Goelz at 92nd Street Y Tribeca. Here's a little taste!

Colette Robbins describes her work thusly: When you stare at your mother and for the first time see the details of a mole you have never noticed before, you are entering the space where my work exists. This enigmatic twilight zone also occurs when you stare at something ordinary, like an acorn and are transported into a seemingly uneventful time in your childhood that carries strong psychological uncertainty and visual clarity. Whether I am observing a friend or recalling a detailed dream, I see everything through an uncanny lens. Through this lens of perverse nostalgia, I envision paintings that synthesize our cultural and personal histories full of both horror and empathy. We've been enjoying her stuff here, and we're pretty sure you will too.

Alongside our pal Colette, you'll find our pal Dean Goelz, showing off his latest exciting works.

Through representations of humanoid forms, Dean presents the viewer with his interpretations of the human condition. He highlights the play between the awkwardness and the elegance of existence. If you caught his solo show, you know how great his work can be, and if you didn't, you have a chance to see him now!

Colette and Dean will be showing at 92Y Tribeca from Thursday, May 14 until Sunday, July 19. The opening reception is May 14th from 6-8 pm. We'll see you there!

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