Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chow Down Before The One You Serve

People said, "Like the Spice, how could you try have a dinner with all that assorted sculpture in the way?" We said, "You mean all that WONDERFUL assorted sculpture, don't you?" and then we laid the tables like this:

Our Artist's Dinner for the fabulous Rachel Beach was the absolute best way to spend a Friday night. The eggplant was excellent, the salmon sublime, and the beets were... would you hate us if we said they were unbeatable?

Rachel's dinner was also like a Who's Who of the Like the Spice artist community. At this table, starting from the back right corner, we saw Colette Robbins, Jenny Morgan and Allison Edge. And across the table we found Olympia from Oly's Musings, Brent from Heart As Arena and Micah Ganske, Colette's husband.

And at the next table, we found Ross Racine! It's always a lot of fun when our artists make it easy for us to take their photos. Plus artists make for great dinner conversation.

The place was packed with art lovers. There was a great energy all around the gallery. Being around so many fantastic sculptures really made everyone hungry and excited. And you know what comes when you're hungry and excited, don't you? That's right...


When that magical moment had ended, Rachel got up to speak about her work. By creating her portals and towers, Rachel inspires a world to exist that sometimes hadn't existed before. Her sculptures force a new perspective from each angle, making a piece that comes to take your hand and lead, rather than a piece that just stands shyly by the punchbowl. Oh, sorry, we're still thinking about all the dancing.

Rachel's Towers & Portals is still here at the gallery, now until April 12th! If you haven't been here yet...

...look what you're missing! You'll believe a sculpture can fly! Or at least hover.

But the dinner wasn't quite over yet. Allison Edge gave up her seat at the cool table to tell us a little about her upcoming show. Her work is a combination of real experiences and that strange imagined world of adolescence just before the arrival of MTV. In Allison's pieces, Polaroid cameras are still a cool Christmas gift and the family trip is just an excuse to hide behind your portable cassette player. Allison's show is coming up on April 18th, and we couldn't be more excited. In fact, we're thinking this is a great excuse... for more dancing!

If you missed out this month, get ready for next time. Our next dinner will be April 24th. Watch this space!

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