Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Like the Spice parties at the Tunnel in Bridge Art Fair NYC Booth #35

Like the Spice is thrilled to announce our participation in Bridge Art Fair New York March 5-8 at The Water Front 222 12th Avenue (the old Tunnel night club). Bridge New York is noted as one of the most influential presenters of international emerging contemporary art, and it is a top destination for collectors, curators and arts patrons. Bridge New York '09 will feature over 50 exhibitors, a large percentage of which will be international.

Press From Last Year:
New York Times
The New York Times stopped by The Bridge Art Fair on Friday and took a good hard look around. They seem to have been very pleased, and with good reason! Take a quick look of your own and see what you missed, as well as what's still waiting for you to discover.

James Kalm Report
Here are all the artists we are Bringing with us for the festivities!

Rachel Beach's multifaceted wood veneer and oil paint constructions are derived from details of art, architecture and design history. Her works have been described as " tough, precise and disciplined with a hard edged cheeriness" and "steeped in a pleasant pluralism, bound by a shared material intelligence".

Allison Edge works primarily in oil on canvas and watercolor on paper. Her work captures recurring themes of youth worship and idealized beauty, and are influenced by fashion advertising, boyfriends/friends, Pre-Raphaelites and growing up in the 80’s.

Dean Goelz’s sculptures and drawings depict the slightly odd ways we interact with each other and our environment, and the tenuous grip society and culture have on our gentle animal natures. Using a kind of reverse anthropomorphism, the characters depicted in his work evoke protective instincts usually reserved for cute animals and babies.

Jenny Morgan’s physiological portraiture manipulates the figure to expose an individual's idiosyncrasies. Working with people from her own life as subject matter allows Morgan to hone in on specifics of their character and present their personalities as she experiences them.

Plus a special collaborative piece by Jenny Morgan and David Mramor!

Ross Racine’s digital prints are drawn completely freehand, on the computer. Joined together the pieces reveal familiar opposites of handmade and digital, organic and mechanical, subjective and technological, physical and virtual.

Nicole Stager resin encased photogram cubes "that have spectacular array of saturated color, lightness and movement. While the photograms emanate warmth and openness, their methodology and the uncertainty of their sources gives them air of mystery, too." from

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