Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We Really Tried To Get That Synaesthesiar Salad, Honest

The happening place to be on Friday October 17th was Like the Spice! We hosted Light Fare, the most current installment of our Monthly Dinner Series. Dinner was sponsored by Pernod Absinthe, who have also joined the high-stakes world of blogging with the new Art & Absinthe weblog. Be sure to check it out! Light Fare was themed to complement Nicole Stager: Synaesthesia, and our senses were overloaded with Nicole’s sumptuous photograms. And let us not forget the scrumptious meal catered by Rose Live Music.

As you can see we were packed! Pernod provided tasty and meticulously prepared pre-dinner cocktails, with names like The Sauzerac, The Candy, and The Bridget Bardot. Good times were definitely had by all.

The meal was catered by Rose Live Music, and our compliments to Chef Christoph Frasolet, who concocted a delicious menu of assorted bruschetta, a tarte fine of grilled vegetables, pine nuts, and goat cheese, grilled salmon with seasonal vegetables and Pernod sauce, and a Belgian black chocolate mousse. Yum!

Between courses, Nicole had the opportunity to discuss her work and the processes behind it.

She views each photogram as sort of a science experiment, writing with light or drawing with found objects, manipulating colors in her dark room to produce her beautiful, saturated C-prints. Her procedures left everyone dazzled!

Did you miss out? Then start planning now for November 21st, when our dinner guest will be Liz Brown. As you can tell, our monthly dinners are always lots of fun. But you know what would make it better? You! And we’re not just saying that, either.

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