Friday, October 24, 2008

Two Girls, One Truck - Like the Spice is going to Scope Miami!

Hey everyone! First off, a big shout out to Rebecca Prusinowski of Paper Magazine. Check out her awesome article about "Nicole Stager: Synaesthesia" and our Monthly Dinner Series!

Rebecca says that Nicole's photograms' "piercing turquoise, minty green and fiery red colors are best viewed in person.", and we totally agree. Make sure you come out here to visit Synaesthesia before it's too late!

In other sweet news, Like the Spice will be loading up and heading to the SCOPE Art Fair in Miami this December. We'll be in the new pavilion (sounds grand, no?) in the heart of the Wynwood Art district, showing works by our next exhibiting artist, Liz Brown, and many more! 250,000 attendees expected? Oy vey!

Look out for us Booth #473, and stay tuned for more details and announcements, SCOPE-wise!


Anonymous said...

OMFG 2 Girls 1 Truck! Scott you are dirty and silly.


Like the Spice said...

Actually, that was Leia!!! One of the Girls in the van herself!