Sunday, November 4, 2007

I got 99 problems but dinner plans ain't one

Let Like The Spice change your alphabet.
Put U and I together for dinner.
Friday, November 30th at 7:30pm.

Make your reservation before Tuesday, November 27th. Call us at 718.388.5388
or email
Reservations required

Like the Spice has a history of making guests feel special. Now we want to treat you right. Come enjoy a catered dinner that's positively soaked in art, featuring an organic delights, performance art group House of Malcontents, and artist Jason Bryant.

Served family style, our dinner series is designed to let you enjoy the hoi poloi. First you'll be challenged by House of Malcontents. Previously appearing at Like The Spice, this performance art team has turned a subway car into a comfy home and held a tea party in Central Park, as well as making a cloud filled sky in a room at the Whitney. House of Malcontents plans to turn the whole dinner into a piece, and even though they are keeping it secret, we have heard rumors of edible artwork and interactive serving...

Joining HOM will be Jason Bryant, artist of our current show, Fleshpot. Jason's work inspires thoughtful consideration of the sort of images we've become used to tuning out, and will make for a striking backdrop, just as his knowledge of art and theory will lead us easily into intelligent conversation. We are very pleased to have him.

Our sponsor for the night is Pernod, so drink up! Somebody as pretty as you deserves a little fun.

$40 (includes all food and drink)
November 30th
Doors open at 7:30pm
Dinner/ perfomance begins at 8:00pm
E-mail or call the gallery for reservations.
Reservations required before November 27th

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