Saturday, June 30, 2012

One Last Time At 224 Roebling St.

There was no better way to say good-bye to our home for the last 6 years then with a "224" a celebratory group exhibition which allowed us to look back at the past as we look toward the future of Like the Spice Gallery!  Thank you to everyone who came out for the bittersweet occasion as we held our very last opening at 224 Roebling Street Friday, June 8th.  The group show "224" featured all new work by Jenny Morgan, Brian LaRossa, Hans + Gieves, Eric LoPresti, Dean Goelz, Matt Stone, Allison Edge, Joe Heidecker, Gieves Anderson, Jason Bryant, Allie Rex, Jessica Stoller, Treasure Frey, Chino Amobi, and Reuben NegronAs of June 22nd, 2012, Like the Spice Gallery will be leaving the constraints of 224 Roebling St. to expand into numerous locations, shows, and events throughout the United States and abroad. As we look for a new location we will continue to maintain our website, blog, and monthly newsletters that will keep all abreast of what is next to come for Like the Spice Gallery. In the works already is a tremendous group exhibition at the 92YTribecaartist studio tours in Fall 2012 and Spring 2013, pop up exhibitions across the world (locations to be announced summer 2012), and various independent projects by Like the Spice Gallery artists.

 Joe Heidecker "Beaded Businessman"

Chino Amobi (left to right) "Nike Meditation™" & "Underworld™"

 Jenny Morgan "Oblivion"

 Allison Edge "Coldcave"

 Chino Amobi (top to bottom) "Achtung™" & "Pink™"

 Chino Amobi "Michaels Ascension™"

 Chino Amobi (left to right) "Beatnick™" & "Spaceape™"

 Joe Heidecker "Portrait 22"

Brian LaRossa "Superposition (Japeth Mennes)" 

Jason Bryant "Gaslight"

 Eric LoPresti (left to right) "Feather 3", "Feather 2", "Feather 1"

Gieves Anderson "Varanasi 13"

 Jessica Stoller "Untitled"

Chino Amobi "Teamwork™"

Chino Amobi (top to bottom) "Adidas Ascension™" & "Nautica Competition™"

 Hans + Gieves "Cross-Reference #5"

 Hans + Gieves "Cross-Reference #2"

 Allie Rex "Plate 11"

 Allie Rex "Plate 15"
 Allie Rex "10"

 Jenny Morgan "Battle"

 Reuben Negron "Jsun"

Treasure Frey "Cat's Cradle"

 Jenny Morgan "Witness"

Dean Goelz "Untitled (Beaded Curtain 12, Grey)"

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Tamsen Ellen said...

I'm sorry to hear you're leaving the neighborhood. I'd often attended your gallery shows, as I am a friend of Eric LoPresti's. I was always struck by your genuine love and kindness for your artists and the work you do....a rarity in such a cutthroat world. Thank you for being a beacon and I look forward to hearing about your future endeavors.