Saturday, April 21, 2012

Catalog of Events: The opening of "Cross Reference: Hans +Gieves"!

"cross reference:
In a catalog or index, a direction that leads a user from one entry or subject heading to another"
Hey folks, hope you are all well and perhaps sprawled out on some green patch of earth soaking in the spring sun and fun. I, ahem, am not hanging out in a park/backyard/patio today because I am here at work (duh) but it is totally cool because I get to look at "Cross Reference: Hans + Gieves" all day and look up fun library terms like the one above. I am cool. What is this "Cross Reference: Hans + Gieves" thing I mentioned? Well, it just so happens to be our newest exhibition here at Like the Spice Gallery; this show features the collaborative work of Nashville-based painter Hans Schmitt-Matzen and Brooklyn-based photographer Gieves Anderson. This particular series of works began in libraries, which the two artists consider sanctuaries of thought. Duly titled "Cross Reference", the series enables a philosophical contemplation of color and composition through an alchemy of the disparate mediums of photography and painting. Nice right? Read the official press release here.

So, last night was the opening reception for "Cross Reference" and it was really quite awesome (see photographic evidence below).

See? Look at all those people having a rad time surrounded by rad work. The work is seriously gorgeous, people. Each piece is so unique and as one approaches and really sees the intricate textures of the oil paint atop the poetic scenes captured in the c-prints the whole thing becomes even more powerful. COME AND SEE THEM!

Oh look, even more people enjoying themselves and the work of Hans + Gieves! How nice! We had a great turnout as you can tell, a really wonderful Friday night with great weather. Both of the artists were in attendance and were lovely and welcoming co-hosts of the reception. They will also both be joining us again for the Dewey Decimal Dinner next Friday, April 27th at 8:00 (RSVP only). If you cannot make it to the dinner (what a bummer) please do come by and check out this fantastic show! "Cross Reference: Hans + Gieves" will be up until May 27th, that is plenty of time for you all to get your butts off that green patch in whatever park/backyard/patio you are lounging in and visit Like the Spice!


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