Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Reuben Negron: This House of..." OMG so many people!!

So, last night was momentous for many reasons; for one, it was the opening reception for Reuben Negron's spectacular solo exhibition, "This House of Glass," and in conjunction with the opening, last night marked the first Williamsburg Every 2:nd Friday of this fall season! Ten fantastic Williamsburg galleries along with the incredible sponsorship of AT&T hosted special events, Art Crawls, and a great after party. Don't believe it? Well then, read on...

That's right y'all, THOUSANDS of art enthusiasts were out and about celebrating Williamsburg Every 2:nd Friday with us, it was truly an amazing experience to see so many people coming together to support and explore our neighborhood's art hub (click here for the full article). In the words of Marisa Sage herself, "With the sponsorship of Every 2:nd Friday by AT&T, we are able to showcase the re-transformation of this burgeoning cultural arts scene to a whole new group of art enthusiasts, collectors and young artists alike, making Williamsburg the art mecca it has always had the potential of being". WORD!

Reuben's breathtaking (and in my opinion jaw-droppingly gorgeous) watercolors had a wonderful and receptive audience last night. In this new series, each subject is a volunteer, drawn to Negron's project by his desire to unravel a particular knot in their recent memory. He adopts the role of confidant and digests innumerable morsels of honesty over several weeks or months. These conversations turn into visual collaborations between Negron and his model, conceived as a collective narrative told on their terms."This House of Glass" has definitely started our season off with a bang and I hope that you come by to see it soon (it will be on view until October 9th). The artist dinner for the show will be on Friday, September 23rd at 8pm; Reuben Negron will be our guest of honor and he will speak about the show, his process and recent inspirations. Our monthly artist dinners are always brimming with delicious food, interesting discussions, and beautiful art! Click here to reserve your seat today!

Hope to see you all soon, and while you are calling all of your friends to let them know about
"This House of Glass" and our dinner with Reuben Negron, make sure to mark your calendar for Friday, October 14th as it is the next installation of Williamsburg Every 2:nd Friday and there will be plenty more awesome events, openings, and performances to check out!

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