Friday, March 4, 2011

Jason Bard Yarmosky: Crowned prom King!

Last Friday, February 25th, Like the Spice hosted our latest edition of the monthly dinner series, "Senior Prom", for Jason Bard Yarmosky's Elder Kinder. Formal invitations were sent, the punch was spiked, balloons were afloat and dance music played softly in the background. The weather was warm and the skies were clear, save for the twinkling of stars. Prom began as any would, with fun photos of our elegant couples in front of a romantic backdrop.

It was a cozy gathering of 18 where the conversation flowed as freely as the punch. Our party goers were dressed to impress as they sat down to a mouth watering 4-course meal catered by the culinary sisters at Gite. Dinner began with a crisp salad of fresh greens and a light balsamic vinaigrette, then a warm refreshing bowl of tomato soup followed by a juicy piece of pork paired with a sophisticated twist on macaroni and cheese (a crowd favorite) and finished off with a delightful homemade Oreo cookie and a cup of sweet brandy milk liquor.

In between courses the King of the Prom, Jason Yarmosky, stood to enlighten our guests on his thoughts and his recent works. Everyone was silent (the chewing even ceased) as the guests were enamoured by Jason's talk about Elder Kinder being about social norms and freedom of expression and the difference in viewing his art from a pessimist's or an optimist's point of view.

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