Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hot Plates: Hot Food and Hot Topics with Anthony Michael Rom and Sarah Palmer!

Well folks, we did it again, another wonderful and satisfying artist dinner hosted by Like the Spice and catered by Gite! It was a cozy event for sure as the 13 of us sat around the table enjoying the work and company of Sarah Palmer and Anthony Michael Rom during "Hot Plates," the artist dinner for their current show, "You Make Me Warm". We even had a special guest appearance by Jason Bard Yarmosky who offered up a few words about his upcoming show, "Elder Kinder," opening February 11th. Both Anthony and Sarah really opened up about their work and inspirations; Anthony spoke of his eye on the human experience and how people react when familiar and sentimental things are staged in harsh and unfamiliar environments, and Sarah focused on the idea of her work as visual text or poetry inspired by the writings of her father.

The weather gods smiled upon us yesterday as they threatened snow early on but by supper time the flakes were no where to be seen and we could all relax and enjoy the hot plates that were put before us! Now, if you are not familiar with the fabulous food of Gite catering, please, let me enlighten you. Gite (pronounced jeet), combines the gourmet stylings of three sisters, Chelsea, Sam, and Bettina Sheridan, who pride themselves on creating sophisticated food that never loses the comfort and fresh tastes of home-cooking. As Sarah and Anthony discussed the visual language of their respective works we manged on a delectable four course meal.

What did we have? So glad you asked! We started out with a warming winter vegetable soup topped with home-made pesto-butter croutons, almost like a Tuscan minestrone but thicker and sweeter. This was then followed by a beautiful tricolor salad of arugula, endive, and radicchio with a sprinkle of Gite's sweet balsamic vinaigrette (side note: this salad dressing is so divine I would be more than content sipping on its garlicky sweetness or even just dipping a crunchy piece of ciabatta in it). With lasagna Napoletana and eggplant au gratin as the main courses both the carnivores and vegetarians alike were very pleased. The scent of the oozing mozzarella di bufala and simmered San Marzano from the eggplant au gratin tomatoes filled the gallery. Wow, I am making myself hungry, ok time time stop talking about the food! Anyway, Gite's contact info is at the top of this blog post just in case you and ten of your friends get hungry!

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