Thursday, December 30, 2010

Transart Institute @ Like the Spice:

Advanced Standing MFA & Portfolio Review

We are delighted to have been invited to hold our Winter Residency and Portfolio Review at Like the Spice Gallery, 224 Roebling Street. Brooklyn, NY 11211, an emerging contemporary artists' space that is willing to pursue innovative directions.

MFA Creative Practice – Three Spaces With Advanced Standing For Spring 2011
Three spaces are available in the MFA program for applicants with graduate level course credits in art, media, design and related fields from other institutions to begin studies in January. With a transfer of a minimum of 15 credits accepted applicants can complete the MFA Creative Practice in three semesters by summer 2012. An application form is online.
Application deadline December 15, 2010

International Low-Residency MFA Program
Transart Institute offers the MFA Creative Practice, a fully accredited international masters program for working artists with summer residencies in Berlin, winter residencies in New York and one-on-one advisement during two academic years - wherever students work and live. Students are free to pursue work in any art-related genre and to create their own course of study, working independently and with the support of self-chosen studio and research advisors. Short periods of intensive residency permit students to continue with their professional work and keep a balanced personal life while participating in the program. The majority of Transart students are emerging and mid-career artists and teachers at tertiary institutions.

The new MFA Creative Practice is a student-centered, project oriented postgraduate art program which fosters independent thinking, risk-taking and the creation of an informed and sustainable art praxis. The Institute is also a platform for faculty to expand their teaching praxis by making space for creativity and experimentation. Beyond its educational objectives, Transart Institute is engaged in building an international community in support of students, alumni, faculty and their artistic and academic goals. The institute offers its former students a virtual and material basis for artistic practice, the exchange of ideas, opportunities and critiques, supporting individual and collective growth beyond the duration of the program.

Several scholarships are available to students of the MFA Creative Practice program: Developing Country Scholarships, Achievement and Merit Scholarships are being awarded. The scholarships provide a reduction in tuition from 10 to 50%. More information on scholarships can be found on the Transart Institute website

Portfolio Review for the MFA Creative Practice (RSVP)
Transart Institute seeks independent, inquisitive and imaginative artist to apply to its MFA Creative Practice program starting summer 2011. Interested artists, teachers and all professionals in related fields who are seeking advancement in visual arts and new media are invited for feedback on their portfolio as suited for admission during the Transart winter residency (January 8-9, 2011). In addition, these sessions will give prospective applicants the opportunity to learn more about the program, attend a public lecture and mingle with Transart faculty and students in person. To RSVP (required) please email

Artist Talk
Our invitation for portfolio review is extended to include Coco Fusco's talk about her recent work on military interrogation as intercultural performance. This is a good chance to rub elbows with Transart students and faculty as well.

Coco Fusco is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist, writer and Chair of the Fine Art Department at Parsons/The New School for Design. She has performed, lectured, exhibited and curated around the world since 1988. She is the recipient of a 2003 Herb Alpert Award in the Arts. Fusco's performances and videos have been included in such events as the Sydney Biennale, The Johannesburg Biennial, The Kwangju Biennale, The Shanghai Biennale, InSite O5, Transmediale, The London International Theatre Festival, VideoBrasil and Performa05. She is the author of English is Broken Here: Notes on Cultural Fusion in the Americas (1995) and The Bodies that Were Not Ours and Other Writings (2001), and A Field Guide for Female Interrogators (2008). She is also the editor of Corpus Delecti: Performance Art of the Americas (1999) and Only Skin Deep: Changing Visions of the American Self (2003). Fusco’s work combine electronic media and performance in a variety of formats, from staged multi-media performances incorporating large scale projections and closed circuit television to live performances streamed to the internet that invite audiences to chart the course of action through chat interaction. Her most recent work deals with the role of female interrogators in the War on Terror. Those works include Operation Atropos (a film about interrogation training), and A Room of One's Own (a monologue about female interrogators). These works were selected for the 2008 Whitney Biennial.

The Transart Experience
Students’ experiences at the Institute are unique and often transformational. NY based artist Virgil Wong found "The community I've become a part of through Transart is already much more immersive than what I've developed in ten years of living and working as an artist in New York City." For composer and artist David Dunn "perhaps the most important aspect of the program, to me personally, has been the realization of just how constrained my professional life can be. I have no lack of colleagues or opportunities to present my work but my network of association tends to reinforce a particular set of intellectual and aesthetic assumptions that become 'the' set of assumptions. Transart succeeds at prying apart some of those entrenched viewpoints to provide space for new ideas and concerns. The truly international makeup of the students and faculty reinforces this." More details online.

Application deadline for admission with advanced standing: December 15, 2010
Application deadline for summer 2011: rolling admissions
Application fee for the MFA program: 25 USD

For more information please contact Selina Heaton:

Transart Institute
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