Monday, September 13, 2010

A Sudden Rush...

Yes it was a bit damp, and yes, some of us were in flip flops as if we believed being ill equipped would fend off the rain, but in spite of the weather the unveiling of Rachel Beach's first outdoor sculpture, Gold Rush, at the opening of the Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition was a grand success. There were quite a lot of people there exploring the beautiful grounds of the Socrates Sculpture Park and taking in the local flora while admiring all of the pieces in the show. It's clear from one lap around the amount of labor, time, and dedication that all of the fellows put into this occasion and Like the Spice would like to offer a rousing applause. It is definitely something to see, rain or no. Rachel's piece is just spectacular, tall and delicate at some angles, and then massive and towering from others. At times the illusion changes and the piece goes from being a compilation of many beams to being a structure consisting of just one or two vertical pieces. Yes, ladies and gents, it transforms! And now, for all of you patiently awaiting a peek at Rachel's newest piece here it is....Whooshhhhh!!

I know, I know, it's cloudy and dark and maybe not entirely in focus but doesn't it remind you of one of those paparazzi shots? It does! Well, that is because Gold Rush is the newest celebrity in town. With its breathtaking height and the way it literally changes shape and form and becomes something totally different as you walk around it and interact with it makes it our new favorite attraction. Want an autograph? Great, go to the Socrates Sculpture Park which is only a hop, skip, and jump away (or, if you are me it's the N Train to the Broadway stop in Queens). Hope to see you there soon!