Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And when I say hot, I mean... HOT!

Rachel Beach, our art star's solo show, Towers & Portals, opens with a Sneak Preview on Friday, March 6th and a Grand Opening on Saturday, March 7th. She is such a perfectionist that she's making her own lighting scheme. Where's the team of white mice and pumpkin coach to sweep her away?

We adore Rachel as a person and even more as an artist. These shots of her newest pieces should give you a great idea why.

Rachel's sculpture plays with space in a way that photos cannot totally capture. We know the dimensions of our gallery almost by heart and she still has us doing double takes. If you were here for her last show, you know how amazing her stuff is. If you weren't here, for Heaven's sake, don't miss out twice in a row!

Rachel asked us to save a few surprises, so keep in mind that we're deliberately avoiding some pieces in these shots... You'll be pleased that we did when you see them for the first time. Some things really are best witnessed in person.

Be here this Friday and Saturday for the Sneak Preview and Opening Night of Towers & Portals! And RSVP now for the March 13th Artist's Dinner with Rachel herself! Go ask your fairy godmother, she'll back us up.

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