Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We Got Almost As Much Press As "Watchmen"

Hey, the Internet knows what it wants! And very clearly, it wants to talk about us. Who are we to stop it? Here's a little recap of all the people who fed our vanity lately. We love you like Matthew Barney loves Vaseline.

The esteemed Hrag Vartanian visited us at Bridge Art Fair and scored a fantastic interview with the force of adorable nature that is Marisa Sage. You can't miss it. You absolutely can't. Just be aware that the same article also covers "Queer Batman" and you may find some of the specific images not safe for work, so save it for when you're back in your cave. Unless your boss is Bruce Wayne or something.

Two Coats of Paint threw us a mention as a highlight of the weekend WGA Event. It was a great night for us, so we hope they had a fun visit!

Of course, if you weren't aware, Artmostfierce had a nice interview with Marisa as well. It's worth checking out, we think. And that's a good lead in to telling you that Marisa's radio interview with WNYU is coming up! We think it is tonight, Wednesday, March 11th, at 7:30pm, but we're not totally sure. The best plan is to just listen constantly until you hear her voice. Just like life.

Finally, we had a visit from Manna From Brooklyn, and we're very happy they liked the show. Always a treat to meet a new blogger!

Remember, Towers & Portals is here for a while yet, so there's plenty of time to visit and then talk about your visit and then visit again.

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