Sunday, November 16, 2008


...which, naturally, means "Opening Night For Liz Brown's OMGWTF And If You Weren't There You Should Have Been!" And that's how we feel in a digital nutshell.

Friday, November 14th was opening night for our current show, OMGWTF. And it was great. If you missed it, STFU with the excuses and get here as fast as you can!

For the digital types, head over to our special Internet sneak preview and LOL in the privacy of your own browser. But we're telling you, these things so hot in person.

Keep in mind that we've got our Monthly Dinner coming up on November 21st. The artist will be in attendance, and if you've never met Liz in person, you've totally got to come. We often fill up fast, so RSVP PDQ, thx.

OMGWTF runs until December 7th. Be sure you visit. TTFN.

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