Friday, December 12, 2008

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We will get back on track with images and blog notes from our enormously successful trip to Scope & Bridge Miami. Lets start off though with
our critical acclaim!
Miami New Times:Doughnuts and Beer at Scope International Contemporary Art
Thu Dec 04, 2008 at 08:00:00 AM
Walking into the Scope tent yesterday was like getting smacked in the face with an art stick. You know, in a good way. Inside, it was a visual sensory overload, with way too much for any normal, methamphetamine-free viewer to see in one trip. Riptide felt like a contestant on Supermarket Sweep, rushing to cram in the best stuff before time ran out.

It didn't matter, though. We were sold before we even saw a single piece of work. How could we be so easy? Umm, because at one point during "the press brunch" we looked over at a group of stylish Frenchmen who were standing at a table, washing doughnuts down with free beer, a la Homer Simpson. (Welcome to America, gentlemen.)

Even with all the food and schmooze, two artists stood out. The first was Brooklyn-based sculptor Dean Goelz, who showed creepy, lifelike molds of duck-human hybrids. Check out New Time's crackerjack blogger Kyle Munzenrieder's compilation of unexplained duck-art occurrences at Basel here. (Seriously, what's up with that?)
Goelz's spokesperson,Lee Doran, explained that "people don't quite know how to take" the waddling creatures, but that kids always try to ride them in New York City. She added something about how humans "go with the flock."

Art and Absinthe:
On to the goodies. Here is a small sampling of what we consider the best galleries and pieces at the Art Basel, Art Asia, and SCOPE fairs. More to come tomorrow from NADA and Pulse!

Nicole Stager pieces at Like the Spice Gallery booth (SCOPE)

Art Info: A Tale of Two Bridges
And on it went: “Con Creatures,” made from the “skins” of stuffed teddy bears and bunnies, filled with cement, the wittiest displayed as trophy heads on plaques: $900. Carvings made out of telephone books: $1,300. Ross Racine’s completely fictitious subdivisions, drawn by hand and then digitally combined: $1,150, from Like the Spice Gallery in Brooklyn. A neon sign that said “Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll” in Arabic. Aboriginal art from Australia.

Art Parties: Miami Photo Roundup with artinfo= Abby Goodman and Marisa Sage!

More press links to come! Along with road oddities and images of our booths!

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