Sunday, November 30, 2008

Miami Or Bust, Day One: Thwarted By a Theremin!

Day One – Thwarted by a Theremin

Bye bye, Brooklyn!

This be the first day of the voyage of good ship “Penske” and after many hard-won battles and salty misadventures we find ourselves adrift in the dark doldrums of New Jersey –bound for SCOPE and Bridge Miami.

The gallery was awash in crates and priceless rolls of bubble wrap. Would it all fit? Would our truck-sharing friends at the Hogar Collection leave us marooned when they saw the sheer volume of art we were taking to Miami? Would the truck buckle on a back road in the middle of South Carolina? Who knew!

Nah. Our good friend Todd helped to load our craft, Then awesome First Mate Marty showed up with an unexpected bounty of socket wrenches and shiny new cordless drills. Sweet.

First Mate Marty fixing a breach in the hull while Captain Marisa tolerates no slackers

At the Hogar Collection, we were boarded and taken hostage by a pirate. He made us walk the plank, but saved us from the sharks that infested the Grand Street Sea’s asphalty waters. We called it even and promised that next time he could drive the ship.

And back to Like the Spice! We readied ourselves for an uncharacteristically early departure, called hands to deck, opened our sodas, and would have been on our way –

But for the theremin.


For reasons that we can’t go into, the better part of an hour was spent waiting for the appearance of a theremin. So much for our early start. By the time it finally, finally got there we were well over our scheduled departure time. The theremin is trapped in the back of the truck now, probably plotting its next move.

But we don't care! We're in beautiful, beautiful New Jersey!


And on our way to Baltimore... stay tuned for further adventures!

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