Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LtS + GiT = BFF

(A little accident made us post an unfinished draft before. Our bad! Hope you like this version more.)

On September 16th, LtS made a little trip to enjoy the Girls In Tech Web 2.0 Expo. And, just like we expected, the tech-minded know how to party!

We brought work from artists Anna Druzcz, Abby Goodman, Nora Herting,Tatiana Kronberg and Nicole Stager (who will be joining us in October for her solo show Synesthesia) and the pieces were very well received.

As the night went on, we became happier and happier that we'd been invited. Probably because of this, the photos started to get blurry. Hey, our cameraperson wanted to party too!

The Girls In Tech crowd were all terribly clever, and that made the whole thing a lot more fun. Thanks again to Girls In Tech for having us. We hope we can do this again!

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