Saturday, June 28, 2008

The most anyone has ever laughed at the word "cockroach".

Trust me you had to be there to get the title of this post...

LTS and guests always have fun at these dinners but this one got downright raucous. And why not. We had a great time eating amazing, delicious, fresh and healthy food prepared by Conor Yates, a local organic caterer (and all around good guy) who's involved in the Slow Food Movement.

After we'd had some time to eat, Dylan Peet, curator of After Everything: Gay Directions in New Art, talked about the ideas that went into the show. (Which is up in the gallery until July 6th.) In a free-wheeling discussion that ranged from the politics of gay social networking, the bear and post-bear movements, relational aesthetics, some predictions about where gay culture is headed and that cockroach line we mentioned earlier everyone was entertained.

Next, After Everything artist Clarke Jackson talked about the evolution of his work and his "Ankle Stretcher" series from the show. The evening was rounded out by a few more sips of wine and everyone went home chatting about the evening, full of delicious food.

Our next dinner will be August 1st. Make your reservations now and you won't miss out.

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