Sunday, March 2, 2008

It Took Four Years To Arrive But Man, It Was Worth It

How was your Leap Day? You know what would have made it better? If you had been here to join our Leap Day Dinner, which took place on February 29th! Of course, if you were, you'd probably still be sleeping off that delicious food. Really, was that chicken cooked by angels or what?

The dinner was brought to us by Scottadito Osteria Toscana Restaurant. The Scottadito is committed to supporting sound and sustainable practices in the growing and harvesting of our food resources. Their meats are antibiotic- and hormone-free; their seafood is either wild or certified organic. Their dairy, flour, eggs, sugar and produce are certified organic and locally-farmed. What this means is that the food was something that could make a grown man weep. Honestly, everything was good, but we just can't say enough about that chicken!

Accompanied by the exquisite flower arrangements of Stella Goodall, we enjoyed talking to Rachel Beach and Nora Herting, the artists of our current exhibit, Flip, which runs until March 30th. If you haven't, come and see!

Rachel talked about what influenced her work, and how she melds 2D and 3D, making sculptures that draw you in the moment you see them. She told us about her early influences, including her time at Yale, as well as the inspiration she found in minimalist painter/sculptor Frank Stella. Then Rachel spoke so passionately about the joys of the artistic community in Martha, Texas she made us begin to consider a Like the Spice field trip!

Nora was our second honored guest, and she was just as terrific. Nora surprised some of us with the story of how she had worked as a JC Penny's Photo Studio employee, but then surprised all of us with the explanation of WHY she'd taken the job. All of this fed into a discussion of her cheerleader pieces, including a presentation that put the beauty of her pieces into a new framework. Nora was just as much fun as her work would imply, and it was great to have her.

Miss out? Don't make the same mistake twice! Remember that Like the Spice does a monthly dinner each and every month. Our next one is coming on March 28th, so save the date! We'll be sure to get you more details as we get closer. And did we mention the chicken already?

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Frank Winters said...

I hope you have another dinner before next March 29th, Marisa. Last Friday's was super terrific! Art, people, food, wine -- all went down perfectly. (Not so sure about the Pernod, tho I must admit)

Rachel and Nora are both delightful and articulate. I throughly enjoyed their art and their words.

I'm a big fan of artistic young women in part because I have four daughters (22 - 40 something) and three of them are artists. I wish they had been at dinner -- I think they all would have appreciated the evening and would have enjoyed the art and discussion -- might have learned something from Nora and Rachel to add to their own presentation skills -- to use when they describe their own art I think. Nora and Rachel were so elegant and unassuming ... they and their art were a real treat.

I also enjoyed your father's company. I think he has a unique personal pov and he expresses himself brilliantly!! (If that sounds over the top --- its not take it from an "older gentleman.")

Also enjoyed Ross and his wife from Quebec and the delightful couple who sat across from me. Everyone was friendly and good company -- I felt as if I was having dinner with old friends (I guess the wine helped with that a bit...)

I'll try to come and see Ross' work when its up.

And I'll try to visit again soon -- with my wife and youngest daughter I hope. Perhaps over Easter weekend -- we will be in Brooklyn but can't promise because there is a lot of family stuff going on right now.

Many thanks and best wishes for continuing to have an excellent gallery with a great vibe!