Monday, January 14, 2008

Claw, Claw, bite, bite Dinner it is!

At Like the Spice, we've got a history of making guests feel at home. This month is no different, as we host a dinner fit for the king of the jungle! Come enjoy our Animal Dinner, themed to match our current show, Deer Art. This month's dinner is catered by Mariyam Nayeri, who included a mission statement with her menu. She writes, "Our approach to food is rooted in creating beautiful and simple dishes using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients that are served with passion and style." We've seen the menu and it looks delicious (here's just a little preview: pan roasted sea bass with salsa verde, roasted chicken with lemons and herbs, and sweet onion tart with rosemary ... plus more!)

Our Animal Dinner offers you a night that's positively soaked in art. As you dine you'll enjoy a talk by Tatiana Kronberg and Allison Edge two of the artists participating in our current group show, and then 2008 is the year of the rat in Chinese astrology our very special guest will speak about what is to come in the new year! Served family style in the gallery itself, our dinner series is designed to let you enjoy a scrumptious meal while having a thoughtful conversation with strangers. Let yourself be inspired together by the stunning array of animal imagery hanging on our walls. Just $50 per person covers dinner, drinks and entertainment. Dinner is served at 8:00pm. Sponsored by Pernod.
Reservations are required, so make your reservations before Wednesday, January 23rd. Call us at 718.388.5388 or email

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