Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hungry Like The Wolf

We stayed up all night and it was totally worth it. Like The Spice's current show, Deer Art, has us all staring like meerkats.

Running from now until February 3rd, Deer Art is a celebration of all things animal, from owls to eels, and some animals that just got thought up.

There's work here to fit everyone's needs and interests. It's the season to think of other people, after all. And the best gift is something they'll love, but never expect.

Also come by after 5pm to see our video tiger. He's pacing the front door! He's kinda hard to photograph but you can see him from the street as soon as it gets dark and it looks amazing. The neighbors keep telling us how much they like him, and we bet you will too.

Don't be scared, nothing will bite! Come visit us and check out this show. We're absolutely rabid about it.

Also be sure to be there on January 11th for the Castle Critters! They're as comfortable in the subway as the New York Times and they've performed in Central Park and at Hollywood parties. You can't wait to see them, you just don't know it yet.

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