Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lets do dinner

Do you know the difference between a kiss and a hamburger? No? Lets do dinner.
November 30th Like the Spice host another one of our fantastic dinner parties!
Featuring food by:

(718) 349-2400
60 Greenpoint Ave.,
Brooklyn, NY 11222
"Defined as “New Urban American,” the regularly-changing menu is based on simple, fresh ingredients borrowing elements from the multitude of cultures that glitter across the New York cityscape. There is clearly a love for and sensibility to the preparation of all things vegetal, due largely to Camille’s post-culinary school odyssey among vegetarian and macrobiotic master chefs. Sometimes the vegetarian specials are the best thing on the menu. Rather than aiming at the usual fusion, Paloma takes a stab at deconstructionism; for example, a traditional dish like bouillabaisse might be broken down to its basic elements and then served as a filet of monkfish, a single perfect shrimp and a flower of potatoes decorated with a bouillabaisse sauce. On the other hand, one can find a fresh brook trout simply grilled and served with a side dish of the diner’s choosing. Simple and thoughtful is the rule."
There will be a special guest speaker as well as Jason Bryant artist of Fleshpot his current solo show.
Can't wait to see you!
Price:$40 , Drinks, food, talk all included
sponsored by Pernoid

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