Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Drawn and Quartered: Small Drawings

Drawn and Quartered: Small Drawings
August 11th- September 2nd 2007
Opening Saturday August 11th 6:30-10:00pm

Featuring works by New York-based emerging and established artists, Drawn and Quartered surveilles and surveys the expanded field drawing occupies in 2007.

All works in the show are drawings 11”X17” and under. Artists invited to participate were given no other restrictions; allowing for a multitude of media, approaches and subjects. They were also encouraged to creatively stretch the boundaries of what can be a drawing. In addition to traditional drawing materials like pen, ink, and pencil the show also includes digital drawings, collage with drawing elements and linear paper constructions.

The works in this show hover between glamour and banality, fear and awe, history and disposability, memory and quotation. The small scale enforces an economy of means if not of meaning. The artists take cues from such diverse and perverse phenomena as Classic Science Fiction, postcard photography, Audobon prints, petroglyphs, the Northern Renaissance, goth fashion, the sex lives of the Roman Emperors, graphic design, dangerous animals and suburban sprawl. This show is about exploring the new possibilities of this refreshed art form and presenting many of them together.

Including works by
Kathleen Vance, Amy Hill, Liz Brown, Brian LaRossa, Jeremy Bronson, Moriyama Tadashi, Eric Lopresti, Jason Bryant, Ross Racine, Ali Beletic, Isuel Isuel, Thom Smith, Sean Flannigan, Allie Rex, Abby Goodman, Dylan Peet, Seth Cohen, Erin Riche, Bill Herring, Michiel Sanders, James Bierdman, Kendall Bradford, Christopher Martino, Sunny Chapman, Kevin Reay, John Zaso, Eduardo Cervantes, Devin Powers, Grace Teng. Please check the website for more information.

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